Dua Lipa’s ‘Last Dance’ Video is Earthy, Sexy and Glorious, Oh, and Technicolored

dua lipa last dance

The incredible British-Albanian singer Dua Lipa has just released the official video for her new song ‘Last Dance‘, and it’s just as you would expect — earthy, sexy, catchy, sophisticated, filmed around a glorious song and, yep, techni-colored.

Dua Lipa, of course, is one of the most talked about young singers on the British music scene at the moment, and was recently named as one of the artists on the BBC Sound of 2016 list.

She’s also one of those women that seems to have everything — looks, personality, talent, a sultriness about her, a stunning voice and star quality.

In fact, Lipa is highly likely to be one of the biggest stars in the UK in no time at all. Especially if the official video to ‘Last Dance‘ is anything to go by. Come on, it’s stunning.

The video is produced by┬áJon Brewer & Ian Blair. ‘Last Dance‘ was co-written by Dua Lipa and┬áTalay Riley. Watch it below, and just look how beautiful she is, and how gorgeous her voice.

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