Flex X Cop Ep 13 ratings drop but still holds its own against Wonderful World

Photo of Ahn Bo Hyun in Flex X Cop courtesy SBS

Flex X Cop, Episode 13 holds onto strong ratings with 3 episodes to air

The ongoing K-drama Flex X Cop is currently airing in the same time slot as the MBC drama Wonderful World in South Korea, with both dramas vying with each other to win the ratings game.

Last night, however, it was Wonderful World that grabbed a higher ratings share, while SBS drama Flex X Cop, Episode 13 saw a ratings drop.

That being said, the latest ratings for Flex X Cop were still in the Korean drama’s highest range since it premiered on January 26th, so the cast and staff should be thrilled with how strong its ratings have been throughout its run.

Nationwide and Seoul ratings for Flex X Cop on Friday night

According to Nielsen Korea, the Flex X Cop, Episode 13 ratings nationwide were 8.3 percent on Friday night, which is a drop from its previous episode’s 10.1 percent.

In Seoul, the action comedy also saw a viewership drop.

This time from last week’s 11.0 percent for Episode 12, to Friday night’s 8.1 percent.

With the ratings between Flex X Cop and Wonderful World see-sawing since the latter premiered on March 1st though, last night’s drop for the action comedy was only par for the course.

In other words, the K-drama will probably be back up tonight.

Flex X Cop has three more episodes to air, with its next episode hitting the airways later on tonight in South Korea on SBS, and on Disney + in select regions.

Fingers crossed its ratings continue to be strong, as the Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun-led Korean drama has been a delight from start to almost finish.

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