Flex X Cop Episode 9 kicks off 2nd half with solid ratings in competition with Wonderful World

Flex X Cop, Episode 9 kicked off the Korean drama’s second half with solid ratings earlier tonight in South Korea.

According to the just-released data from Nielsen Korea, Flex X Cop, Episode 9 earned 9.3 percent of the nationwide viewership.

Sure, that is a drop from its previous episode‘s 9.3 percent but, even with that drop, it is still a solid rating considering the K-drama finished its first episode with a much lower 5.7 percent rating.

Seoul ratings for Flex X Cop, Episode 9

In Seoul, Flex X Cop, Episode 9 performed slightly better, grabbing 9.9 percent of the audience share — down from Episode 8’s rating of 11.5 percent.

No matter the ratings drop, however, Flex X Cop still ended up being the #1 most-watched TV show for all of Friday in Seoul, and the second most-watched show nationwide.

Why did the ratings drop for Flex X Cop, Episode 9?

As viewers are raving about the Ahn Bo Hyun-led drama, both in Korea and internationally, the reason for tonight’s ratings drop is more likely connected to the new MBC drama Wonderful World premiering at the same time as Flex X Cop, rather than due to viewers not enjoying the action crime comedy.

That will likely become more evident as other episodes of both Korean dramas are aired.

Flex X Cop stars the previously mentioned Ahn Bo Hyun alongside female lead Park Ji Hyun, with the next episode of the K-drama airing tomorrow night, Saturday March 2nd, in South Korea.

Disney Plus is streaming the drama for its international subscribers.

Let’s see how the ratings air fare, and whether the folks that watched Wonderful World will be back for Episode 2 of the new drama, or be returning to Flex X Cop.

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