Jeon Jong Seo to play budding entrepreneur in drama Genie House? Here’s what we know so far

One of Jeon Jong Seo’s most recent hit roles was in Ballerina

Earlier today, Korean entertainment news outlets were reporting that Jeon Jong Seo is set to headline the upcoming drama Genie House (working title).

Responding to the news, a spokesperson from Jeon Jong Seo‘s agency, ANDMARQ, gave the expected and usual response, “Genie House is one of the projects the actress has been offered. She’s presently in the process of reviewing the offer.”

And yes, they are probably telling the truth about “one of the projects” as, let’s face it, the South Korean actress was such a big international hit in the recently ended K-drama Wedding Impossible, directors and production companies are probably beating down her agency’s door with offers.

What is the plot of Genie House?

Genie House depicts the journey of young individuals pursuing their aspirations despite challenging circumstances.

It revolves around Tak Hyo Jin (who would be played by Jeon Jong Seo) a woman who is trying to establish a successful online fashion shopping mall, and a man who, tired of being an idol, tries to establish an acting career.

There has been no word yet if any actor has been offered the male lead and, if so, who.

Jeon Jong Seo’s recent career

While the 29-year-old actress does not have a particularly extensive body of work, what she does have encompasses some of the best dramas and films released in the last few years.

In recent years, she has starred in K-drama hits like Bargain and Money Heist: Korea, as well as in the aforementioned Wedding Impossible earlier this year.

She has also played the main female lead in four popular films since 2018 when she made her debut — Burning, The Call, Nothing Serious and last year’s Netflix hit the dark action film Ballerina.

Whether Jeon Jong Seo accepts the role in Genie House or not, she is still incredibly busy in 2024 as she is already starring in the upcoming dramas Queen Woo and Bargain, Season 2.

There was also talk earlier in the week that she may be starring in a crime drama called Project Y alongside Gyeongseong Creature‘s Han So Hee.

If she accepts that offer, and chooses to star in Genie House, 2024 would be a five-drama year for her.

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