K-drama The 8 Show gets Netflix premiere date in trailer that intros the cast

The upcoming K-drama The 8 Show (더 에이트 쇼 in Hangul) has finally gotten a Netflix premiere date via a new trailer for the new psychological “death game” show.

According to the just-released The 8 Show trailer, the K-drama is due to hit Netflix worldwide on May 17th.

The trailer also gives us a small hint about the subject matter of the Korean drama (shades of Squid Game, anyone?) as we see Ryu Jun Yeol (who plays character Jin Soo) walk onto a theater stage, pick up a red envelope from a table and open it to see the words “Sell your time. For big profit”.

A voice over then says “Well, this is… easy money”.

We then learn just eight people can accept the challenge and, while they will be given room and board (sort of), there will obviously be a major catch as an announcer says “I now present to you a performance like you’ve never seen before”.

The trailer ends after introducing the 8-member cast in a series of snippets, with the words Irresistible but Brutal.

What is The 8 Show about?

While we have only received a short synopsis of The 8 Show‘s plot, we do know it is an 8-episode live-action adaptation of the popular Korean webtoons Money Game and Pi Game written and illustrated by Bae Jin Soo, so readers of that webtoon will already know its premise.

And likely be very excited to see the live-action adaptation result.

For everyone else, the synopsis via Asian Wiki goes like this:

8 people in need of money are invited to appear on reality variety show Money Game. The 8 people are to stay at the studio that consists of nothing but concrete walls. If they are able to hang in there for 100 days, they can divide the winning prize of 44.8 billion won equally. But, everything they buy, including necessities like food, water, electricity, costs 1,000 times more than normal prices, with the cost deducted from the winning prize money.

As you can imagine, that sets up the eight people for enormous arguments as money is spent and, of course, for the psychological abuse, physical abuse and even death that will likely ensue because of it.

The 8 Show is directed by Han Jae Rim (Emergency Declaration). He also created the drama and wrote the scripts.

The eight cast members for The 8 Show are Ryu Joon Yeol (Taxi Driver), Chun Woo Hee (The Beauty Inside), Park Jung Min (Deliver Us from Evil), Park Hae Joon (Arthdal Chronicles), Bae Sung Woo (The King), Moon Jung Hee (Vagabond), Lee Yeol Eum (Nevertheless), and Lee Joo Young (Believer 2).

Watch the just-released The 8 Show teaser trailer below, and mark your calendars for May 17th.


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