Kim Sung Cheol to Lead Mystery Thriller ‘Pagwa’? Here’s what we know so far about the film and his role in it

According to Korea’s Sports Chosun, actor Kim Sung Cheol is set to take the lead role in the upcoming thriller mystery film Pagwa.

No word about the actor either accepting or declining the role, however, has yet been forthcoming from the actor’s agency Story J Company, which likely means he is currently considering an offer.

The plot of Pagwa?

While details about the upcoming movie are sparse so far, we do know Pagwa tells the story of a meticulous female assassin in her 60s who suddenly finds herself entangled in turmoil after crossing paths with a man known as Bullfight.

Fans of the bestselling novel of the same name (파과 in Korean) by writer Koo Byung Mo will know much more about the plot.

But even with the short synopsis released so far, the movie promises a gripping, if unusual narrative.

Pagwa is being directed by Min Kyu Dong, who is most recently know for his previous films Horror Stories 2 and Horror Stories 3, as well as for also being both the director and the screenwriter of films like The Treacherous, All About My Wife, The Last Blossom and for the recent drama special SF8: The Prayer.

Kim Sung Cheol’s past acting performances

As for Kim Sung Cheol, the 32-year-old Korean actor is known for his TV performances in lead roles in dramas like Our Beloved Summer, Do You Like Brahms?, Arthdal Chronicles Part 3, The Wind Blows, and in the films Search Out, The Battle of Jangsari and Too Hot to Die.

His most recent performance was in a guest role in last year’s hit drama Death’s Game.

Sung Cheol is also well-known for his superb performances in stage musicals like Sweeney Todd and Death Note.

If the Korean actor accepts the lead in Pagwa, it will be his second project in 2024 as he is currently scheduled to star in Hellbound Season 3 alongside Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Shin Rok, Hong Eui Joon and Yang Ik Jun.

Pagwa release date?

While the release date and any additional cast members for Pagwa still remain unconfirmed, anticipation for this intriguing thriller continues to build.

We will keep you updated as more details about the upcoming film, and about Kim Sung Cheol’s involvement in it, are released.

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