Nothing Uncovered Ep 9 ratings sink to all-time low as international viewers rate it solidly

Photo courtesy KBS2

In the realm of things I don’t understand lies Nothing Uncovered, Episode 9, whose ratings last night in South Korea sunk to their lowest yet.

Those ratings saw a massive drop nationwide from the KBS2 drama’s previous all-time high rating of 3.8 percent for Episode 8 to Monday night’s all-time low of 2.3 percent for Episode 9.


Not only is Nothing Uncovered well-written, beautifully acted and gripping, it is one of the better thrillers to release this year, so to see its ratings drop like this as it heads into its second half is a bit surprising.

That drop last night also hit audiences in Seoul, where Nothing Uncovered, Episode 9, with Nielsen Korea reporting the Korean drama dropped below 3.0 percent in that region as well.

Outside South Korea, however, the K-drama still continues to earn a high 9.3 out of 10 from subscribers on Viki.

It is also earning a solid 8.4 out of 1o from IMDB users (a platform that still insists on calling the K-drama ‘Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar’ — what?).

Nothing Uncovered stars the excellent main cast of Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin and Jang Seung Jo.

Episode 10 will air later tonight on KBS2, with Viki streaming it around the same time.

Let’s hope its ratings rise, as it has been one of the highlights of the Spring, 2024 K-drama season so far.

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