Queen of Divorce Ep 10 has ratings rise setting K-drama up perfectly for series finale next week

Photo courtesy JTBC

Cool news out of South Korea shows the K-drama Queen of Divorce, Episode 10 ratings experienced a nice increase earlier tonight.

That’s good news considering Queen of Divorce, which premiered to solid ratings, only has two more episodes left to air, with the JTBC drama’s series finale coming our way next week.

Data from Nielsen Korea shows Queen of Divorce, Episode 10 grabbed 4.95 percent of the nationwide audience, which is an increase of 0.36 percent from Episode 9’s rating.

The Korean drama also experienced an even bigger increase with audiences in Seoul, jumping from Episode 9’s rating of 4.41 percent to tonight’s 5.05 percent viewership.

When is the series finale of Queen of Divorce?

Queen of Divorce stars main leads Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young.

A pair of actors who have superb chemistry together so that, even though the writing is not particularly tight, their scenes together make the drama a delight to watch.

The final two episodes of the 12-episode Queen of Divorce will air next Wednesday, March 6th and Thursday, March 7th on JTBC in South Korea.

Considering the Korean drama’s ratings have been  steady throughout its run, its final two episodes will probably at least keep the same steady level of ratings next week.

Or jump even higher.

Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for the Korean drama’s last two episodes to air/stream, you can watch/rewatch its first 10 episodes on Viki.


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