Queen of Divorce Ep 8 ratings fall slightly – drama still earns strong audience share

Queen of Divorce Episode 8 Ratings: A Recap

The latest ratings for Episode 8 of the Korean drama Queen of Divorce have been unveiled, showcasing a slight decline from the previous episode. However, the drama continues to maintain strong viewership both nationwide and in Seoul.

Nationwide Ratings Overview

Nielsen Korea reports that Episode 8 attained a nationwide rating of 5.22 percent.

Though this marks a marginal decrease of 0.03 percent compared to the preceding episode’s 5.52 percent, it remains comfortably above the 5.0 percent benchmark consistently achieved since Episode 3.

Seoul Viewership Insights

In Seoul, Episode 8 secured a viewership share of 4.97 percent, showing a decline from the 5.74 percent recorded for Episode 7.

That is a higher percentage drop than the nationwide rating experienced, so we will have to see how the drama performs in the Korean capital city next week.

Queen of Divorce Schedule Details

Queen of Divorce features stellar performances by main leads Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young.

Premiering on January 31, 2024, the 12-episode drama is set to conclude on March 7th. Stay tuned for more captivating twists and turns in this enthralling series.

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