Queen of Divorce Episode 3 ratings rise to new personal record, claims #1 spot on cable TV

Photo courtesy JTBC

The new Korean romantic comedy Queen of Divorce, Episode 3 ratings are out and, as was to be expected from the drama’s audience share for its previous episode, they rose yet again.

According to the latest numbers from Nielsen Korea, the Queen of Divorce, Episode 3 ratings rose for a second consecutive time.


That rise had the K-drama going from a nationwide rating for Episode 2 of 4.89 percent to last night’s 5.75 percent.

That’s an increase of almost one percent, and proves yet again just how popular the Lee Ji Ah-led drama has become.

As for the K0rean drama’s performance in Seoul, it is seeing the same rapid rise in its ratings in the nation’s capital as well.

So much so, last night’s audience share was 5.64 percent, which is an increase from 5.19 percent for Episode 2.

Both ratings also placed the K-drama in the #1 spot as the most-watched show on cable TV on Wednesday.

Considering the drama started off its run with higher ratings than its predecessor Destined with You, however, it was to be expected it would likely continue rising like this as well.

Queen of Divorce stars Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young, and airs every Wednesday and Thursday evening on JTBC in South Korea.

Outside Korea, both Viki and KOCOWA are streaming the Korean drama for their international subscribers.

Michelle Topham