New Queen of Divorce trailer shows craziness of divorcing couples as Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young intervene

The latest drop from the upcoming Korean action comedy drama Queen of Divorce came in the form of a new poster and a crazy teaser trailer this week.

The teaser offers a glimpse into the nightmarish scenarios of couples trapped in tumultuous marriages with protagonist Kim Sa Ra (played by Lee Ji Ah) solemnly declaring, “Marriages can come to an end at any moment.”

And when that does happen, who shows up?

The resolvers — people who intervene between the couple after a marriage is over, and do everything they can to create a better ending for the person who just wants an amicable divorce.

Even if that sometimes means being prey to the violence that emits from the scorned spouse.

New Queen of Divorce poster

Queen of Divorce trailer gives us a glimpse at the divorce settlement office’s team

The trailer also shows the Solution team — the people from the divorce settlement office Solution, who rush in when divorced couples are getting out of control.

The team is headed by two attorneys played by Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young, and its struggle to extract a good divorce agreement from uncooperative spouses heightens the anticipation for the upcoming JTBC drama, as Attorney Dong Ki Joon (played by Kang Ki Young) dives headfirst into the fray.


Others on the Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young team include Son Jang Mi (played by the wonderful Kim Sun Young), Kwon Dae Gi (Lee Tae Goo) and Kang Bom (Seo Hye Won).

Check out the new Queen of Divorce trailer below, and enjoy the latest Queen of Divorce poster up above.

It features a grinning Kang Ki Young as Lee Ji Ah slams her fist down onto a wedding cake smashing it.

Yep, this one looks interesting.


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