Kim Sun Young to star in Quiet Sales drama with Kim So Yeon and Kim Sung Ryung

Kim Sun Young in Crash Course in Romance

It looks like 2024 will be another fabulous year for the superb Korean actress Kim Sun Young.

After all, not only did she win the Best Actress award in the film category at South Korea’s 22nd Annual Director’s Cut Awards earlier this month, but she has just been announced as one of the main leads in the upcoming new drama Quiet Sales.

Considering the 47-year-old actress tends to be cast in supporting roles or guest roles in Korean dramas more than in main roles, she must be thrilled.

Kim Sun Young will also join a stellar cast, as confirmed leads of Quiet Sales include Kim So Yeon and Kim Sung Ryung — the three Kims, in other words.

According to Korean news reports, she will play the part of a wife and mother in Quiet Sales, who is also one of the door-to-door salespeople the drama follows.

Let’s hope this time around she gets to play a woman who isn’t quite as manipulative or conniving as she has been in some of her most recent dramas (I’m looking at you Her Private Life and Crash Course in Romance).

Kim Sun Young’s past performances

If you watch a fair number of Korean dramas, you will have seen Kim Sun Young’s superb performances in many of them.

In recent years, she has been a standout in K-dramas like Crash Course in Romance, Queenmaker, Stock Struck, Homemade Love Story, Backstreet Rookie, Because This Is My Life, Reply 1988, Crash Landing on You, When the Camelia Blooms, Romance is a Bonus Book and Her Private Life.

Kim Sun Young’s movie roles also include a recent guest role in the smash-hit film Exhuma, as well as roles in Portrait of a Family, Love Reset, Concrete Utopia, Dream Palace, and Three Sisters.

She has also starred in a slew of theater productions.

Her role in Quiet Sales will be Kim Sun Young’s second JTBC drama of 2024, as she also had a support role in the recently ended K-drama Queen of Divorce starring Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ki Young.

Yep, Kim Sun Young is one of South Korea’s hardest-working actresses, and it looks like 2024 may just be more of the same.

Yay for us, eh?

There is no word yet on when Quiet Sales will begin filming, or when it will premiere on JTBC, but all I can say is Kim Sun Young being part of the main cast makes it an absolute must watch for me.

How about you?

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