Queen of Tears Ep 6 ratings see HUGE jump to 21st highest rated cable TV drama of all-time

The ongoing Korean rom-com Queen of Tears, Episode 6 ratings are out and, if you were one of those watching this superb K-drama, you will probably not be surprised at how high they ended up being last night.

According to Nielsen Korea, Queen of Tears, Episode 6 ratings nationwide saw a huge jump on Sunday night, climbing from Saturday night’s 10.96 percent to Sunday night’s 14.06 percent.

In Seoul, the tvN drama experienced the same surge in ratings, jumping from the previous night’s 12.19 percent to last night’s 15.22 percent.

Meanwhile, the K-drama’s nationwide rating of 14.06 percent moved Queen of Tears to the #21 spot on the ‘Highest Rated Series on Cable TV‘ chart. (chart began in early 2018)

I have a feeling, with 10 more episodes still to air, this superb Korea rom-com is likely to end up even higher than that, don’t you?

Ratings for Queen of Tears on Netflix

Just like its skyrocketing ratings in Korea, Queen of Tears is also seeing huge audience share jumps on Netflix as well.

So much so, while it made it to #7 on the Netflix Most-Watched Non-English TV Shows chart the week the K-drama premiered, by the following week, it had already jumped to the #3 spot.

With the latest data due out from Netflix tomorrow, I have a feeling it may end up even higher. (Check back on Leo Sigh tomorrow, and we’ll have the results)

Queen of Tears stars Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won.

It airs in South Korea on tvN every Saturday and Sunday evening at  21:10 (KST), and then streams on TVING.

Outside Korea, international K-drama fans can watch Queen of Tears on Netflix.


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