Watch Love to Hate You’s Nam Kang Ho and Do Won Joon’s kiss scene — it’s very funny

During a conversation in the My Drama List forums earlier today, it suddenly dawned on me, while I thought the Love to Hate You kiss scene between Nam Kang Ho and Do Won Joo was hilarious, I hadn’t yet written about it so I could draw other people’s attention to it.

Two minutes research later, and I realized the Netflix-owned YouTube channel The Swoon had released a video of just that scene.

Meaning watching it through three times, which I just did, was far easier than constantly rewinding Love to Hate You Episode 1 where it occurred.

The funny Love to Hate You kiss scene between the two men — actor Nam Kang Ho (played by Teo Yoo) and his manager Do Won Joon (Kim Ji Hoon) — works beautifully for several reasons.

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Both men look incredibly sexy while they are gazing into each others eyes, and then as Nam Kang Ho drags his manager’s face closer to him.

There isn’t a hint of a smile in either of the men’s eyes, which proves the two actors must have rehearsed that kiss scene a helluva lot of times to be able to do it so seriously.

The way they quickly break from that sexy gazing-into-each-other’s-eyes scene to Do Won Joon suddenly asking “There’s a line there?”, as Nam Kang Ho says “Don’t close your eyes”, and then immediately comments “Oh, that’s good” is laugh-out-loud funny.

And, of course, how Won Joo shows Kang Ho how to pull the girl into him so he can push her back onto the sofa, then gets pushed back and kissed himself, is priceless.

That Love to Hate You kiss scene then sets up the entire drama for some incredibly good kisses between both main pairs in future episodes but, if I had to pick the one I thought was the sexiest, it would always still be this


Watch Love to Hate You‘s Nam Kang Ho and Do Won Joon’s kiss scene in The Swoon video below.

If you think that beautifully acted scene is as funny as I do, but you haven’t yet watched Love to Hate You, it should be the thing you do immediately afterwards.

Case in point, I kicked off Episode 1 of the Korean rom-com last Tuesday with the intention of watching an episode a day. Then finished off the entire 10-episode drama by 5am Wednesday morning.

Yep, it was a stay-up-all-nighter K-drama for me as the writing, the acting, the chemistry between both main pairs, and the comedy are so damned good. (Well, it is the most-watched non-English language series on Netflix this month)

Love to Hate You is currently streaming via Netflix.

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