What is The Midnight Studio about and what are reviewers/fans saying about it?

In the heart of Seoul, where bustling streets meet quiet alleyways, lies a peculiar photo studio.

But this isn’t your ordinary studio—it’s a place where the living and the departed intersect.

Welcome to The Midnight Studio, a Korean drama that weaves together the ethereal and the mundane into something quite wonderful.

So, what is The Midnight Studio about, and what are reviewers and fans saying about it?

The Midnight Studio plot

Seo Ki-Joo (played by the talented Joo Won) is the seventh owner of this enigmatic photo studio. His clientele? Ghosts.

Yes, you read that right. The studio caters exclusively to spectral visitors.

Armed with his camera, Seo Ki-Joo captures their essence—their lingering memories, their unfinished business, and their silent yearnings. Each portrait becomes a bridge between the realms, a testament to lives once lived.

Enter Han Bom (portrayed by the charismatic Kwon Na-Ra), a fiery lawyer who champions justice.

Her path unexpectedly intersects with Seo Ki-Joo’s when she stumbles upon the studio. Together, they embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of the departed.

As they develop these ghostly photographs, they discover secrets buried deep within the silvered frames.

But The Midnight Studio isn’t just about apparitions and sepia-toned memories.

It also delves into the human condition—the ache of lost love, the weight of unspoken words, and the beauty of fleeting moments.

The drama explores questions of identity, purpose, and the fragile threads connecting us all.

What viewers and fans of The Midnight Studio are saying

  1. Poignant: From users of My Drama List to Viki subscribers, viewers are praising the emotional depth of the series. Especially as the way it portrays grief, regret, and longing resonates with audiences.
  2. Unique Premise: The concept of a ghostly photo studio is refreshingly original. It’s a blend of fantasy, romance, and mystery that has been keeping viewers intrigued since the series premiered.
  3. Character Chemistry: Joo Won and Kwon Na-Ra’s chemistry sizzles on screen right from their first meeting. Their interactions—sometimes playful, sometimes profound—add layers to the narrative, and make the plot even more enjoyable.
  4. Cinematic Beauty: The cinematography is exquisite. From moonlit rooftops to rain-kissed windows, almost every frame feels like a captured memory.
  5. Themes of Redemption: As Seo Ki-Joo helps ghosts find closure, he grapples with his own past. The theme of redemption weaves through the episodes, leaving viewers introspective.
  6. Easter Eggs: Keen-eyed viewers are also noticing hidden details in the ghostly portraits—clues, messages, and connections that tie the stories together.

In summary, The Midnight Studio lovingly transcends its supernatural premise. So much so, you fall in love with not only the drama’s wonderful living characters, but also its dead.

After all, it beautifully creates a canvas where the living and the departed brush against each other, leaving imprints on both sides.

So, if you’re ready for a heartfelt journey through memory and emotion, step into the studio. The ghosts await, and their stories are waiting to be told.

The Midnight Studio airs on ENA every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 PM, with Viki streaming it for international users. Don’t miss it!

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