What song is playing on True to Love, Ep 8 as Lee Soo Hyuk and Yeon Bo Ra kiss?

The Korean romantic comedy Bo Ra! Deborah (aka boringly called True to Love in the west) has been one of my delights of the last few weeks.

After all, it is the wonderfully quirky Yoo in Na playing “Deborah” and the adorable Yoon Hyun Min as her new leading man Lee Soo Hyuk, and what could possibly be better than that?

Well, not better, but just as superb are the songs played on the True to Love soundtrack.

Songs like the one playing on True to Love, Episode 8 (Bo Ra! Deborah, Episode 8) right at the end of the episode as Yeon Bo Ra and Lee Soo Hyuk are at the karaoke bar (known as a noraebang in South Korea), and get up to leave.

It is at that point Lee Soo Hyuk suddenly realizes all the time he has spent with the absolutely crazy Yeon Bo Ra in the last few weeks have not only been incredibly fun but, yes, he really likes her.

And then he pulls her back towards him and they kiss.

So what is the song playing on True to Love, Episode 8 as Lee Soo Hyuk and Yeon Bo Ra kiss?

Well, it sure is a pretty one, eh?

What song is playing on True to Love, Episode 8 as Lee Soo Hyuk and Yeon Bo Ra kiss?

That song is a lovely Korean ballad called ‘Again’, and is performed by Dailog.

Dailog is apparently relatively new on the Korean pop music scene as all of his single releases are from 2022, with ‘Again‘ being his first single release in 2023.

Not that that matters, because with a pretty voice like that man is bound to go far.

As for Dailog’s ‘Again‘, it is a song in equal parts English and Korean, and is sung from the perspective of a man who is wondering, if he can muster up the courage, can he and the woman he loves actually make things work this time:

If I feel the same as you,
Will I be able to answer your words
So that I won’t be far from you anymore
Just like we used to do
You call my name
Then I can smile again
Then smile again

Dailog’s ‘Again‘ was released on April 26th on the True to Love OST, Part 4 and, yes, it is so damned sweet, I have had it on repeat for over a week now.

Listen to Dailog’s ‘Again’ from the ending scene of True to Love, Episode 8 in the video below, and on the True to Love OST, Part 4, which also comes with a pretty instrumental version of the track.

Bo Ra! Deborah (because man, I prefer that title), aka True to Love, is streaming via Amazon Prime Video.

The South Korean romantic comedy comes to an end this week and, man, am I going to miss it.


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