What song plays at Kim Mi-so and Lee Young-joon’s wedding in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 16?

I am always a huge fan of a romantic comedy that not only wraps up each loose end with every character by its final episode, but also ends with the most romantic scene musically illustrated with a gorgeous song.

Such was the ending of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, the 2018 K-drama starring Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young, which ended with every character getting the happiness they deserved, and the two leads — Lee Young-joon and Kim Mi-so — getting married in a lavish wedding in front of a huge crowd.

A wedding that took place while a stunningly sweet and romantic song played in the background, and Lee Young-joon and Kim Mi-so kissed each other.

What was the song playing at the wedding of Kim Mi-so and Lee Young-joon in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Episode 16?

A song written specifically for the K-drama’s soundtrack, and one I listened to again and again once the final scenes of that wonderful Korean rom-com had ended.


What was the song played as Kim Mi-so and Lee Young-joon get married in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

That lovely romantic track with the beautiful vocals is called ‘In The End‘ and is sung by Korean singer songwriter Yun Ddan Ddan.

And it fits those final scenes — the wedding and the flashbacks as Young-joon holds Mi-so’s hand again and again — because  the music and the vocals suit the character of Lee Young-joon so well.

A man who was traumatized as a child, but is then reunited with the little girl who experienced the same trauma he did. A girl he has loved since he met her all those years before, but who he now decides he will love from afar while making her stay beside him as his secretary.

Until, of course, the girl — Mi-so — tells him she is leaving her job as his secretary, in order to find what makes her happy in life.

Only then does Young-joon find the courage to tell her how he feels, and that he is the same person as the little boy who protected her all those years before.

In The End‘ was written and composed by Kang Myeong-shin, ZigZag Note, and Noh Eun-jong, with its Korean title ‘토로’. It really is the sweetest thing.

Listen to ‘In The End‘ by Yun Ddan Ddan in the music video, and on the What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? soundtrack.

Watch the K-drama on Viki.

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