What’s the end song on on Our Dating Sim, Ep.1 as Lee Wan kisses Shin Ki Tae?

Since I went all in on watching Korean dramas last year, I have amassed a huge playlist of Korean pop songs on Spotify that were featured on many of my favorite drama’s official soundtracks.

Songs like the track playing at the end of the new Korean Boys’ Love drama Our Dating Sim, Episode 1.

The song that starts playing as Lee Wan (played by Lee Jong Hyuk), having rushed up to the rooftop to see Shin Ki Tae (Lee Seung Gyu), steps forward and kisses him.

And a song that ended up on my Spotify “Liked Songs” list about 30 seconds after I heard. It’s just so darned sweet.


So, what is the sweet and addictive song playing on Our Dating Sim, Episode 1 as Lee Wan kisses Shin Ki Tae?

The K-pop is called ‘Because of You‘ by Cheero, a relatively new singer who also had a song featured on the Time of Memory soundtrack back in early 2022.

Because of You‘ by Cheero is a typical Korean pop ballad, but it is a lovely addition to that scene, as the melody and Cheero’s gorgeous voice seems to portray just how strong Lee Wan’s feelings must be for Shin Ki Tae.

Feelings that, at the time at least, Ki Tae was not able to reciprocate.

Listen to ‘Because of You‘ by Cheero as heard at the end of Our Dating Sim, Episode 1 on the Spotify player and in the video.

As for Our Dating Sim, even though each episode is only 15 minutes, the director has managed to feature an engaging story with two adorable main leads who can actually act, and who are backed up with a stellar supporting cast.

If you enjoy a good Korean drama, Our Dating Sim has six episodes out so far, and they are excellent.

Our Dating Sim is currently streaming via Viki.


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