Why did Live Your Own Life Ep 5 not air on Sunday? When will it air/stream?

Notice about tonight’s episode of Live Your Own Life being postponed – courtesty KBS2

Did you miss Live Your Own Life, Episode 5 on Sunday? Yep, many fans did

The ongoing Korean family drama Live Your Own Life, Episode 5 did not air on KBS2 in South Korea tonight, as most fans probably expected it would.

Instead, KBS2 announced on their social media accounts earlier in the day that the latest episode of the Uee-led drama was being postponed.

This comes right after the drama’s previous episode aired to massively lower ratings on Saturday night.

But do those ratings have anything to do with Live Your Own Life, Episode 5 not airing, or are they purely coincidental?

Why did Live Your Own Life, Episode 5 not air on Sunday night?

First, don’t worry about the drama being postponed due to low ratings, as that is not what has happened at all.

Instead, KBS2 announced Episode 5 of Live Your Own Life would not being airing on Sunday due to the ongoing TV coverage of the 2023 Asian Games.

That three-week-long Asia-wide sporting event has caused several dramas to either be postponed or to suffer poor ratings in the last week, due to South Koreans watching the Games instead of an ongoing drama.

Instead, the next episode of Live Your Own Life will now premiere next Saturday October 7th, at its regular time of 20:05 (KST). (Note: This now has also been postponed, with Episode 5’s new release date, and reason why, announced here)

Considering the drama is already a full week behind its planned schedule, due to Episode 4 having also been postponed from Sunday, September 24th to Saturday, September 30th and thus suffering a huge drop in ratings, it makes sense to postpone Episode 5 as well.

That way, when Episode 5 of Live Your Own Life airs next Saturday during its usual time, the drama will be back to its regular Saturday and Sunday programming.


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