Wonderful World Ep 10 ratings fall but still best ever for Saturday despite increased competition

Cha Eun Woo in Wonderful World – Photo courtesy MBC

Wonderful World grabs high ratings on Saturday in South Korea

With the ongoing MBC drama Wonderful World‘s ratings increasing massively on Friday night, it was always pretty likely that the Wonderful World, Episode 10 ratings would fall when it aired the following night.

And fall on Saturday night they did — both nationwide and in Seoul.

That is because the drama’s huge ratings increase on Friday was primarily due to it being one of only two dramas airing on South Korean TV that night.

On Saturday, however, Wonderful World had two rivals to compete against — The Escape of the Seven Resurrection and the smash-hit drama Queen of Tears.

And that is why that the Wonderful World, Episode 10’s ratings were still the highest the K-drama has ever earned on a Saturday is a testament to the excellence of the show.

Those ratings according to Nielsen were 9.2 percent nationwide, which is a drop from Friday night’s highest-ever audience share of 11.4 percent.

In Seoul, the Korean revenge drama saw a similar ratings drop but still also earned its highest ever Saturday night rating in the region.

That rating was 9.7 percent — down from 11.7 percent on Friday night.

Will Wonderful World ratings remain high with 4 episodes to air?

The Korean revenge drama stars the stellar cast of Kim Nam Joo, Cha Eun Woo, Kim Kang Woo, and Im Se Mi.

It has earned solid ratings since its premiere on March 1st but, since it held onto excellent ratings last night despite increased competition, it is likely Wonderful World will continue to earn high ratings through its end.

The next episode of the Korean drama will air on MBC in South Korea on Friday, April 5th at at 21:50 (KST).

Disney Plus will air the drama for its international subscribers in select regions.

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