Andreas Bourani’s ‘Hey Live’ CD and DVD Should Be a Must Buy (Video)

Andreas Bourani auf anderen Wegen

Andreas Bourani’s ‘Hey Live‘ will give you goosebumps

German singer Andreas Bourani released an album last year that was absolutely brilliant. Called ‘Hey‘, it’s a perfect showcase of exactly what this talented pop singer can do, and it’s an album I’ve listened to over and over again.

So, I was thrilled to see, this year, ‘Hey‘ is getting somewhat of an update. A release of an album that features live versions of every song on the original ‘Hey‘, along with the addition of six other tracks.

Called ‘Hey Live‘, Andreas Bourani’s new album is his first live venture but, from the gorgeousness of this new offering, it is hardly likely to be his last.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Along with Bourani’s ‘Hey Live‘ CD, there is also a DVD and Blu-ray that features videos of each song live from Bourani’s ‘Hey‘ 2015 tour, plus an¬†additional making-of ‘Hey’¬†segment that is fun to watch.

In fact, if you are an Andreas Bourani fan, you really should grab the ‘Hey Live‘ CD and DVD . And, if you’re not already a fan, you should get them both anyway, as his music is simply lovely and you soon will be.

And, as one commenter wrote about Bourani being adopted from Egypt as a child, “If Bourani had been adopted by an American family instead of a German one, he would be one of America’s leading pop stars today”. Absolutely true, that.

For a sample of what you can expect on Andreas Bourani’s new live album ‘Hey Live‘, watch and listen to the video for Bourani’s ‘Auf anderen Wegen below.

It’s an almost 8-minute extended version that shows Bourani performing with just an acoustic guitar, and proves exactly what kind of emotion this German singer conjures up when he’s live on stage. And wait for that reprise he does after the first audience applause, and just listen to how beautiful his voice is.

Honestly, I can’t even express how much I love this guy.

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