Billy Bob Thornton is a Brony and He’s Cool About It (Video)


Billy Bob Thornton is a brony — an adult fan of the animated TV series My Little Pony — and he is not ashamed to admit it.

Thornton was on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week when he was asked about being a fan of the children’s show.

“Here goes my reputation but, yeah (he’s a fan of the show)….actually my daughter and I we read My Little Pony books, there’s a…it’s complicated, we don’t have time… but there was the little kid version of My Little Pony but now there’s this other version of it for older kids. But one way or another, we found one of her old books lately and we started watching the show”.

Billy Bob went on to explain,

“The underlying themes are pretty heavy. I mean there’s one about Big Brother and 1984 and all that kind of thing. It’s really cool. So then, they’ve got this other show called Equestria Girls, which is the pony characters but they’re in another dimension. And they’re now teenage girls that go to high school”.

So who is Billy Bob Thornton’s favorite My Little Pony character?

His daughter likes Twilight Sparkle. Billy Bob likes…well, you’ll have to watch the video below to find out.

And can I just say, good for Billy Bob. Liking a very cool children’s animated TV series that has some really sweet themes, and being perfectly happy to admit it. Now that’s the kind of guy I like.

Edited: Sadly, Seth Meyers has deleted the video from his show, so I’m substituting an interview he gave with The Los Angeles Times.

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