BLACKPINK’S Jisoo opens agency for her solo work and that makes me happy

Photos of Jisoo courtesy official BLISSOO Instagram account

I am always thrilled when I see the women of BLACKPINK venturing off into other business pursuits as, let’s face it, it shows an emotional and business maturity quite a number of similarly high-profile Korean singers don’t always have.

That’s why when I saw the news earlier today that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has opened an agency that will represent her in her solo work, it made me smile.

After all, Jisoo’s group work and the group work of the other BLACKPINK women will eventually end when the BLACKPINK members decide they have done all they can do together, and it’s time to move onto other pursuits. Separately.

At that point, with her own agency already established, Jisoo will not only have cemented her future away from BLACKPINK, she will also have an entity set up that is working solely for her and her future endeavors.

And women who are smart and successful in business always look out for themselves first. As, if they don’t, who else will?

Jisoo’s new agency

The name Jisoo has chosen for her new agency is BLISSOO.

A smart, fun, and quite welcoming name, eh? As it suggests the agency has been founded to support Jisoo’s ‘bliss’ and the bliss of her fans.

Be aware though, BLISSOO has been set up to represent Jisoo with all her solo work, while the Korean singer and business woman will still remain represented by YT Entertainment for her work with BLACKPINK.

Jisoo announced her new agency in her first social media posts on Instagram this week on an account set up specifically for the company.

Hello, this is Jisoo. I’m excited to share my new start with BLISSOO. Stay tuned for what’s to come, as I’m dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to each and every one of you.

Please continue to shower your love and support for Jisoo with BLISSOO, and also for BLACKPINK. Thank you.

The second statement on the same post simply clarified what BLISSOO has been set up to do by saying:

Transcending the boundaries of genres and fields, our mission is to share the happiness that JISOO creates in her own unique way.

Meanwhile, in just the few hours since BLISSOO was announced, the agency’s Instagram account already has almost 425,000 followers, so I have a feeling in the social media world at least, BLISSOO will be a big success. Yay!

Alongside the BLISSOO Instagram account, which you will find here, BLISSOO also has its own official website that features news about Jisoo, Twitter (X) account, and YouTube account.

The singer also has her own YouTube account where she posts her vlogs.

Congratulations to Jisoo on the establishment of BLISSOO, and best wishes for all your future endeavors.

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