Exhuma still beating 12.12: The Day with 4 million moviegoers but will it last?

Exhuma sells 4 million tickets faster than 12.12: The Day

Color me still fascinated by the unofficial race currently going on between the new Korean horror film Exhuma and last year’s biggest-hit-of-2023 film 12.12: The Day.

Both films have performed incredibly well at the box office in South Korea but, with the latest news from the Korean Film Council, it appears Exhuma is still beating 12.12: The Day when it comes to speed of ticket sales.

After all, while it has just been announced Exhuma only took 8 days to see 4 million moviegoers show up to watch the film in movie theaters around South Korea, it took 12.12: The Day 12 days after release to hit that milestone.

Can Exhuma surpass 12.12: The Day‘s 13 million moviegoers and counting?

There is, however, plenty of time for Exhuma to drop by the wayside before it reaches the 13 million moviegoers 12.12: The Day had earned in late January, (and still counting).

I am also still of the opinion that the subject matter of 12.12: The Day, and its political events being pertinent to present day South Korea, will mean it will ultimately be able to hold onto its record as the sixth most successful film in South Korean box office history.

All while the Korean supernatural horror film Exhuma maintains its own record as the most successful film of 2024 so far.

Exhuma is directed by Jang Jae Hyun, and stars Choi Min Sik, Kim Go Eun, Yoo Hae Jin and Lee Do Hyun.

It was released in South Korea movie theaters on February 22nd and, as of February 29th, had already grossed the equivalent of $26,272,981 (US dollars).

Special Note: In the latest news about the film, Exhuma star Choi Min Sik grabbed the #2 spot on the February Actor Brand Reputation Rankings list yesterday due to his appearance in the film.


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