Frankly Speaking Ep 10 ratings hit all-time low as K-drama heads into series finale

With just two episodes to air before the Korean drama Frankly Speaking ends, its latest episode, which aired on JTBC last night, did not fare well.

According to the latest data from Nielsen Korea, the Frankly Speaking, Episode 10 ratings were the Kdrama’s lowest ratings since it premiered on May 1st.

Those ratings were just 1.20 percent nationwide, which is a drop from Episode 9’s already low 1.26 percent.

The drama’s ratings were so low in Seoul, Nielsen hasn’t published them for the general public for quite a while.

Considering its predecessor, Queen of Divorce, was earning 4.95 percent by the same episode of its 12-episode run, things don’t look good for Frankly Speaking‘s final two episodes airing next week.

Frankly Speaking‘s performance on Netflix

While Frankly Speaking has also fallen off the Netflix Top 10 Most-Watched TV Shows chart, it did appear on the chart for two weeks — so the news about the comedy romance drama isn’t completely dire.

Meanwhile, Flix Patrol is reporting Frankly Speaking was still in the Top 10 in Indonesia, South Korea and Vietnam yesterday, and was also in the Top 10 in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan earlier in the week.

Frankly Speaking stars Go Kyung Pyo and Kang Han Na and, honestly, the problem with the drama (which I dropped after Episode 6 as the plot is nonsensical) is not the main leads.

Instead, it is the abysmally-written script that one commentator on My Drama List described perfectly:

I have fast forwarded through the second half of Ep 10… and facepalmed in the end. Where is the writer going with this?

As others mentioned, the show feels all over the place. It’s like the writer made a list of story elements that are popular (get views) and half-assedly stitched them together.

Over there, by the way, Frankly Speaking is currently rated a low 7.9 out of 10, and it is probably only that high due to people liking the actors but despising the ridiculous plot.

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