Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Jin to star in new Park Chan Wook (Oldboy) film? Here’s what we know…

It’s always exciting news to hear about potential collaborations between mega-talents in the Korean entertainment industry.

Such is the news currently being reported by various Korean news media outlets that Lee Byung Hun (Our Blues) and Son Ye Jin (Crash Landing on You) may be working together in an upcoming Park Chan Wook film (Oldboy).

Not only would that be a fabulous pairing, it would also mean a pairing under Park Chan Wook’s visionary direction.

It would also be the first time Lee Byung Hun has worked with Park Chan Wook since he starred in the film Three…Extremes in 2004.

In response to news media reports about their actors being offered main roles in Park Chan Wook’s latest film, both Lee Byung Hun’s agency (BH Entertainment), and Son Ye Ji’s agency (MSteam Entertainment) responded that both actors had received offers, and were “reviewing them positively”.

Lee Byung Hun and Son Ye Ji’s prior work

Should the two actors star in the upcoming film, it will be the first time they have acted together.

But, it will also be a project in a long line of projects for both the 40-something actress and 50-something actor.

Lee Byung Hun has recently starred in K-drama Our Blues, and in films The Match, Concrete Utopia, Emergency Declaration and Ashfall.

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He also made a guest appearance in the smash-hit Netflix drama Squid Game, and has been named as one of the main leads in the upcoming Squid Game 2, which will be out on the same streaming platform later in 2024.

Meanwhile, while Son Ye Ji has not been as busy in the entertainment industry recently, due to getting married to actor Hyun Bin in 2022, and giving birth to her first child later in the year.

The South Korean actress did, however, star in the drama Thirty-Nine in 2022, as well as was the star in a slew of hit K-dramas prior to that — including Crash Landing on You, Something in the Rain, Shark, Personal Taste, and Spotlight and in films The Negotiation, Be With You, The Last Princess and The Truth Beneath.

So far then, that’s what we know about Lee Byung Hun and So Ye Jin’s possible involvement in the next Park Chan Wook film.

There has also been nothing revealed about the film’s plot as yet, or when filming will begin.

We will update you further as more information is released but, if I had to guess, I would say this one could very well be a go.

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