Lee Joo Bin grabs lead role in crime drama Guardians — So excited about the news!

Lee Joo Bin in Queen of Tears — Photo courtesy tvN

While South Korean actress Lee Joo Bin (Korean name 이주빈) has acted in various lead roles over the last few years, in my opinion, she doesn’t receive as many lead female roles in Korean dramas as she should considering her talents.

This week, however, it has been announced the talented actress will soon have another lead role under her belt as she is due to star in the upcoming K-drama Guardians (working title).

Lee Joo Bin’s agency ANDMARQ confirmed she will be starring in Guardians (also known as Protectors) earlier today.

As for the K-drama, according to Korean entertainment news, it tells the story of people who are the last bastion against an imperfect law.

They also added, for the first time in Korean drama history, Guardians will tell the story of the electronic supervision of criminals, and the probation officers who monitor, detain, and help prevent certain criminal offenders from reoffending, while hoping to help them reintegrate into society.

Sounds interesting, right?

Lee Joo Bin’s past roles

As a journalist covering South Korean entertainment, I had watched Lee Joo Bin’s beautiful performances in K-dramas like Love in Contract, Mr. Sunshine, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, She Would Never Know, The Tale of Nokdu and Find Me In Your Memory.

But it was her recent performances in Love to Hate You as Oh Se Na, an actress who was Nam Kang Ho’s (played by Teo Yoo) first love until she abandoned him, and in Queen of Tears as Soo Cheol’s wife that I thought she took her performances to another level.

A level that seems to have made her stand out, as she is now being offered another lead role in another possible major drama.

No word yet on when Guardians will begin filming or when the K-drama will premiere, but I am all-in for it when it does.

Here at Leo Sigh, we’ll keep you updated as more information is released.

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