Tokyo 24th Ward English dub stars Billy Kametz, Landon McDonald and Zeno Robinson

The original anime series Tokyo 24th Ward English dub will be out on Crunchyroll later today, with a star-studded cast of voice actors playing the main roles.

Or, at least, the Tokyo 24th Ward English dub will have the first two episodes of the anime up on the streaming site by 10:00 am Pacific time, with the rest of the episodes being released one each week.


Yes, that’s incredibly annoying, as the subbed version already has nine episodes live on the site but, unfortunately, that is the way Crunchyroll usually chooses to do it.

The star-studded cast for Tokyo 24th Ward (aka Tokyo 24-ku in Japan) included:

Billy Kametz (Naofumi in The Rising of the Shield Hero) is voicing Shuta Aoi

Landon McDonald (Henry VI in Requiem of the Rose King) plays Koki Suido

Zeno Robinson (Hawks in My Hero Academia) is Ran Akagi


Lisa Reimold (Emma in Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club) is Kinako

Khoi Dao (Keiichi in Higurashi: When They Cry – Gou) voices Kunai

Shara Kirby plays Lucky

Bob Carter (Sibir in Edens Zero) plays Yamamori

Other voice actors starring in the Tokyo 24th Ward English dub on Crunchyroll include Jason Marnocha as Gori Suido, Dawn M. Bennett as Kanae Suido, Amber Lee Connors as Sakiko Tsuzuragawa, Keith Silverstein as Wataru Chikushi and Morgan Berry as Hana Shishido.


The English dub will only be available in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

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Tokyo 24th Ward is produced by CloverWorks, with Naokatsu Tsuda directing, Vio Shimokura overseeing scripts and, Shuji Sogabe and Kanako Nono as character designers.

The series hasn’t been particularly popular with western viewers so far, and currently only has a 6.72 rating on My Anime List.

Watch the Tokyo 24th Ward trailer for the subbed version below.


Michelle Topham