What is song playing over Not Others Episode 2 end credits?

The South Korean comedy drama Not Others is my current favorite thing as who wouldn’t be ecstatic over the performances of leads Choi Soo Young and Jeon Hye Jin, as well as the crazy things the fictional mother and daughter duo of Kim Eun Mi and Kim Jin Hee get themselves into.

Along with the cool plot and fabulous performances, we also get some pretty decent Korean pop music on the drama’s soundtrack including the fun song playing over the end credits of Not Others, Episode 2.

What is that song, who performed it and where can you listen to it?

What song plays over the Not Others, Episode 2 end credits?

The end credits song from Not Others, Episode 2 is a track called ‘Want to be Free‘ by Sojung.

The upbeat-sounding song with Sojung’s gorgeously husky vocals was released on July 25th on the Not Others, Pt. Original Soundtrack via the Genie Music record label.

Its lyrics are slightly deceptive, however, as they talk about wanting to be free and away from the person they love, while realizing that is never going to happen as they cannot sever the link that binds them.

That is why, even if the other person tries to forget them, they will always be by their side.

In other words, the perfect song for the complicated and sometimes slightly toxic relationship between Kim Eun Mi and Kim Jin Hee, isn’t it?

Who is Korean singer Sojung?

Sojung is a South Korean singer who, up until 2017 when she went solo, was mainly known as a member of the girl group Ladies’ Code.

A group with somewhat of a tragic story as, on Sojung’s 21st birthday, they were involved in a car crash that caused the deaths of two of their members — Rise and EunB.

The crash was ruled to have been the fault of the group’s manager, who was driving the mini van they were in at too high of a speed considering the wet road conditions.

While still with the now-three-member group, Sojung decided to go solo in early 2017, and has since become popular as a singer for K-drama soundtrack songs.

Alongside Sojung’s ‘Want to be Free’ for Not Others, some of her recent K-drama tracks released have been for dramas like Bo Ra Deborah! (aka True to Love), Moonshine, Love Affairs in the Afternoon and Mouse.

Listen to Sojung’s ‘Want to be Free‘ from the Not Others, Episode 2 end credits in the song’s music video, which features some of the drama’s cutest scenes.

You can also hear ‘Want to be Free’ on the Not Others, Pt. Original Soundtrack via Spotify below.

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