What is The Matchmakers E2 ending song? It perfectly illustrates the relationship between Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun

Rowoon in The Matchmakers, Episode 2 – Photo courtesy KBS2

The new South Korean romantic comedy drama The Matchmakers kicked off this week with strong ratings for its first episode, along with a fun plot, beautiful cinematography and costumes, excellent performances and a couple of upbeat songs on its soundtrack.

The first song to be officially released from the K-drama’s soundtrack though is the ending theme song heard at the conclusion of The Matchmakers, Episode 2 earlier on today.

That song has already been released, both on YouTube and on streaming platforms like Spotify on the The Matchmakers OST Part 1, which came out yesterday via FNC Entertainment.

What is the The Matchmakers, Episode 2 ending song?

Called Half of My Heart‘, and performed by Theo, one of the members of the relatively new K-pop group P1Harmony (the group debuted in 2020), the song is a medium tempo track, with a catchy beat, that does a great job of musically illustrating the atmosphere around the K-drama’s two main characters.

Pompous and annoying Sim Jung Woo (played by Rowoon), an eternally angry man who goes through life causing problems for others, and Jung Soon Deok (Cho Yi Hyun), the sweet and lovely but secretive matchmaker who does everything she can to make sure those who are getting married will be matched with a partner that is good for them.

When the two first meet in Episode 1 on the street, and then later in the bookshop, they butt heads as Jung Woo comes across an erotic novel he would like to read, but then is forced into saying he must “report its author” when he is caught reading it,

Soon Deok, however, knows the author of the book and isn’t about to let them be dragged into legal problems, so she pushes Jung Woo off track by asking him “Have you fallen for me?”

Cho Yi Hyun in The Matchmakers — Photo courtesy KBS2

Theo’s ‘Half of My Heart‘ illustrates that first meeting and its subsequent events perfectly as, even though he currently denies it, we already know Jung Woo has fallen for Soon Deok and, once she realizes he isn’t quite as bad as first look would suggest, she probably won’t be far behind.

Theo’s ‘Half of My Heart‘ is the young singer’s first solo OST song

The piano-driven track ‘Half of My Heart‘ by Theo, by the way, is the first song the 22-year-old singer has had featured on a drama OST as a solo artist.

With his gorgeously rich voice, it is not likely to be the last. Especially as the song is so addictive.

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Listen to Theo’s ‘Half of My Heart‘ from The Matchmakers in the lovely music video featuring scenes from the KBS2 drama, and on The Matchmakers OST Part 1 via Spotify below.

The release also includes a lovely instrumental version of the song.

You can watch every episode of The Matchmakers (two out so far) via Viki and, if the first two episodes are indicative of the next 14, this fun little drama will be a must watch for me.

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