Crash Course in Romance Episode 5 songs and music – 10 absolutely superb tracks

The number of songs and music played on the Crash Course in Romance, Episode 5 soundtrack are quite a few more than the previous episode, with several being repeat songs/instrumentals, while a couple appear for the first time.

There are two standouts for me on this episode, and both are new songs:

The opposite side‘ by Lee Juck, which is just the loveliest thing,

and ‘At night‘ by GIRIBOY, which plays during that wonderfully hilarious drunk scene at the end of the episode.

You are my happiness’ by Kim Wanjung

This instrumental track starts to play on Crash Course in Romance, Episode 5 as Nam Hae Yi is lying in Nam Haeng Seon’s bed and asks her “mother” why Choi Chi Seol is giving her free math tutoring.

It continues as Hae Yi asks her if she is paying Choi Chi Seol and, when she finds out she isn’t, she promises to study hard.

As she explains because “This is such a rare opportunity”.


I want to go out with you’ by Bonggil Jeong

This peppy piece of music was heard as Nam Hae Yi and Lee Seon Jae are picking up garbage, and Seon Jae asks her if she plans on tutoring Seo Geon Hoo like he asked her to do?

That’s when Geon Hoo himself pops up from lying on a bench near them, and asks the same thing.

Hae Yi thinks about it, then agrees to tutor him, which irritates Seon Jae.


The opposite side‘ by Lee Juck

This sad song began playing as Choi Chi Yeol is in his math tutoring session after the boy has died, and then continues playing as he sits in his car, goes home and tries to fall asleep.

I wrote more extensively about this utterly beautiful song earlier in the month.


National Chef NamHaengSeon‘ instrumental

This light, airy, upbeat instrumental piece plays as Nam Haeng Seon sneaks out of the banchan shop, and goes upstairs to clean.

After all, that night will be the first night Choi Chi Yeol comes to tutor Hae Yi, so the apartment needs to look its best.


Family‘ by Kim Wanjung

Another track from Kim Wanjung, this time ‘Family‘, which was played on the Crash Course in Romance, Episode 5 soundtrack as Choi Chi Yeol is in his classroom telling his students they shouldn’t worry about their upcoming exams.

“Math is awesome”, he wants them to shout.


 ‘Have a great day today‘ by Yoo Jong Hyun

The jaunty track plays as Choi Chi Yeol is sitting in his car on the banks of the Han River, and enjoying every mouthful of Nam Haeng Seon’s cooking.

“She might be naive, but she can certainly cook”.


On a clear morning‘ by Byeon Dong Wook

Haeng Seon heads to Choi Chi Yeol’s apartment for the first time to deliver his meal.

She becomes irritated at how rude he was to her the night before, and kicks his door. Then runs away.


Condolence’ by Byeon Dong Wook

This track shows up on the Crash Course in Romance, Episode 5 soundtrack as Nam Haeng Seon goes to get tofu for her brother, and then sits outside the convenience store getting drunk.

It continues as Choi Chi Yeol arrives to stop her drinking.


At night‘ by GIRIBOY

At night‘ plays as Nam Haeng Seon and Choi Chi Yeol sit at the convenience store, and he joins her in drinking, just so that he can take her home when she has finished the bottle.

It ends after Haeng Seon almost carries a now-drunk Chi Yeol home, and then drops him in a puddle.


And, of course, right at the end of the episode, we yet again hear the ending theme song ‘Gypsophila‘, which you can listen to and learn more about on Leo Sigh here.

You can also find out about the music on Crash Course in Romance, Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4 on Leo Sigh.

Now watch Crash Course in Romance on Netflix. It is the best Korean drama this year so far.

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