Lee Se Young and Na In Woo to star in Motel California drama? A cool pairing?

Late yesterday, South Korean entertainment news began reporting that Korean actors Lee Se Young and Na In Woo may be starring together in an upcoming drama called Motel California (directly translated from Korean ‘모텔 캘리포니아’).

A representative from both Lee Se Young and Na In Woo’s agencies then responded with the usual response “an offer for a lead role in Motel California was one of the projects the actors were currently considering”.

Meanwhile, nothing has yet been released about the drama, except that it will air on MBC.

Lee Se Young and Na In Woo a good pairing?

Should the two actors decided to accept their Motel California offers, that could be a cool pairing.

After all, while Lee Se Young recently starred in the moderately successful The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract, her chemistry with co-star Bae In Hyuk was almost non-existent.

The same occurred in The Red Sleeve, with Lee Junho such a strong presence on screen, he overshadowed much of Lee Se Young’s performance.

Na In Woo, on the other hand, seems to have the talent to create chemistry with every actress he is paired with on screen. Even if their performance is so low-key they become somewhat bland.

Pairing him with Lee Se Young, an actress who has a very low-key way of acting (lots of blank faces, where you can’t tell what the character is feeling), would likely bring out one of her best performances simply because of the added chemistry.

You only have to look at Na In Woo’s work with Park Min Young in the smash-hit Marry My Husband, with Kim Ji Eun in Longing for You, and with Seo Hyun in Jinxed at First — another actress with a dead face in half of her scenes.

We will keep you updated on what happens with Motel California but, at this point, it could be an interesting pairing, but the pairing itself is still a “maybe”.

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