Knight Flower Episode 11 ratings jump grabbing another personal record

Knight Flower still courtesy MBC

Knight Flower cast and crew must be thrilled with Episode 11’s ratings

As you might expect, if you have been watching the Korean drama Knight Flower and also following its ever increasing ratings, tonight’s episode not only earned a huge ratings jump from its previous episode, it also grabbed a new ratings record for the Honey Lee-led drama.

Something the drama’s cast and crew must be thrilled about, considering the latest episode almost doubled the rating of its first episode earlier tonight.

New figures via Nielsen Korea show the Knight Flower, Episode 11 ratings were a 15.4 percent share of the nationwide audience, which is 2.5 percent higher than Episode 10’s 12.9 percent.

The MBC drama also fared just as well in Seoul, where it garnered 14.7 percent of the viewership.

In that region’s case, a 2.6 percent higher rating thaa the drama’s previous episode, and an all-time high for Seoul as well.

Final episode of Knight Flower likely to go out on a very high note

Both ratings also made Knight Flower the #1 most watched show on South Korean TV for all of Friday.

That means, with just one episode left to air tomorrow night and with tonight’s episode seeing such a big ratings increase, it is highly likely Knight Flower, Episode 12 will finish the series with yet another rating record.

Not bad for a drama that started out on January 12th with just 7.9 percent of the audience share, now is it?

The final episode of Knight Flower, which stars Lee Hanee and Lee Jong Won, will air tomorrow night (Saturday) on MBC in South Korea at 21:50 (KST).

Asian drama streaming services Viki and KOCOWA will stream it for their international subscribers.

Remember too, Episode 12 runs longer than previous episodes, as the production team wanted to make sure every plot point could be properly concluded before the K-drama ends.

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